Golden Geulah (Redemption)- Earrings

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The Golden Geulah Earrings are circular-shaped grapevine wood suspended on a golden chain and inscribed with the Hebrew word גאולה (Geulah) which means REDEMPTION. This beautiful Hebrew word describes what is happening in the land of Israel today.

With 2,000 year-old biblical prophesy being fulfilled right before our eyes, and the land of Israel being turned from a barren wasteland into a “garden of Eden,” we are seeing the Redemption unfold in brilliant golden colors!

When you wear the Golden Geulah Earrings, you are declaring that God’s promises are true and He is bringing about Redemption now!

“Geulah” is pronounced: (gey-oo-LAH)


These beautiful half-circles of vine wood are engraved with the Hebrew word “Geulah” which means redemption! This beautiful word encapsulates the whole of what is happening right now in the Heartland of Israel. Adding to the significance of this idea is the grapevine wood on which “Geulah” is written. The vineyards coming back to the mountains of Israel is one of the clearest signs that the redemption of Israel is in full swing! Prophesied about by Jeremiah and Isaiah over 2,500 years ago, these vines are proudly declaring the word of God to be true and authentic.

“Geulah” is pronounced: (gey-oo-LAH)

These unique pieces of jewelry are hand crafted from the prophetic vines that were grown on the mountains of Samaria, Israel. Each piece has its own story and design. No two jewels are the same. By wearing a prophetic vine you are taking part in proclaiming to the world that God’s promises are true!

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